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By Angela, Jan 7 2015 06:38PM

We (the husband Paul & I) moved to Devon from Surrey in Oct 2014 lock ,stock and barrel, which includes my adorable pair of Donkeys E and Orr, Fozz our Dalmatian, 2 hives of Bees, also my work, garden designer, flower farmer and florist, you see where my business name, Flower Fusions came from! I do adore flowers.

I’m having the loveliest time getting my new garden into shape. One of the gardening jobs I’ve been busy at is cutting our hedge, it’s a mixed hedge atop a Devon bank, how lovely is that., a particularly tall bit of Beech was Christmas Tree shaped so I bought it in and decorated it with silver balls, stars, lights and an Angel on the top.

So now my Christmas decorations are down and I return to making my garden. It’s been 12 years since I’ve had a new garden, what a perfect time it was to move in, during October 2014 the weather still warm and most of the leaves still on the trees. I was able to search the undergrowth and identify loads of plants before they disappeared from sight for the Winter.

It’s obvious that the garden was much loved in its former days, as I clear away fallen trees, bracken and nettles I reveal with delight a new found plant every time I weed. Obviously when I say I it’s meant to be inclusive as Paul has the chain saw and muscle to be hugely and enthusiastically helpful!

Yesterday I found perennial Hemerocallis (Day Lily) planted under the red leaved shrub Cotinus coggygria ‘Atropurpurea’. (Smoke Bush). What a lovely combination of flame flowers and Beaujolais red leaf, the Cotinus is planted on the garden boundary with the sun behind so as you look back towards it the sun shines through it’s leaves making them glow, it’ll be a picture in July when the Day Lilies are flowering, that’s supposing that we don’t get a visit from the local Bambi’s which seem to be plentiful. Deer adore the juicy flowers of Hemerocallis, mind you they are delicious, I decorate my salads with them, they look exotic and taste delicious and are always greeted with surprise, sometimes suspicion by my dinner guests.